Amazon Rapids is now Free and Works with Alexa



Amazon is now provided Amazon Rapids, It’s an Amazon’s chat-style fiction app, which is free, it gives all the parents and kids infinite access to almost hundreds of stories available in its list. Earlier, the company charged monthly $2.99 only for that benefit. You can also listen to some of these stories through Alexa’s Storytime mode, launched last summer.

However, Rapids made its debut in the year 2016. According to Amazon, the then-subscription based service was now intended to get children’s paying attention in reading, by presenting some short stories in the way of text message conversations between all the characters. Behind this, the idea was that these short types of stories might be easier for a young reader to handle easily. The main motive of the app is directly at five- to 12-year-olds children’s. Rapids also provided an appropriate-age, PG substitute to some of the opposing informal fiction apps which aimed at a more PG-13 audience, like Yarn and Hooked.

Also, the app can easily read stories loudly, and it will offer young users a built-in vocabulary, to look those words which as needed. The company said about these features that it’s a very attractive way to encourage young readers and also build their confidence ahead of the new school year.

And fortunately, it’s not a first time when Amazon’s walked into the world of child-friendly applications. Although it’s a free time service that provides kids ample of age-friendly content, like websites, books, and also bundled of videos into a monthly or yearly subscription plan. While this application was one time referred to Amazon’s line of products, like Kindles and Fire Tablets, it has been extended into a separate iOS and Android app.

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