How To Log Out From Facebook Messenger On iOS Device?

Unfortunately, for everyone who uses iOS devices, it is not as simple to log out from their Facebook Messenger app as it is for Android. Because despite setting up iOS device settings and selecting Messenger from the list of your apps in almost same way to Android devices, there will be no storage settings to play around within the Messenger app settings for an iOS devices.

Consequently, the only option you have for logging out of Messenger from your iOS device is to use the official Facebook app.

If you’ve been only using Messenger app, not the Facebook app itself on your device, then you will inevitably need to download and install the Facebook app first.

Note: The following method mentioned below will also be helpful for the Facebook Android app. We would like to recommend you to sign out of Messenger for Android this way too as an alternative to the method described above.

  1. Open your Facebook messenger app on the iOS device.
  2. Then log into the corresponding account that you want to sign out from Messenger.
  3. In the app, tap the Menu option. It is a hamburger icon, which you will find at the bottom of your device’s screen from the home feed tab on an iOS device. (On Android device it will be located at the top of the screen).
  4. Scroll little down and tap on the Settings option.
  5. Then tap Account Settings.
  6. Tap Security and Login.
  7. Here you will get to see a section labeled “Where You’re Logged In” under this, there will be a list of all the devices and their locations where Facebook remembers you’re login details.

Note: The names of your devices as like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. are going to be listed there in bold letters.

  1. Until you don’t see your device’s name with the Messenger labeled beneath it, you will need to keep clicking See More to find more devices and platforms where you’re logged in.
  2. Now you will need to tap the three dots to the left of the device + Messenger listing and select Log Out.
  3. Here the listing will vanish from the list of locations where you’re logged in. Thus, you will be able to open the Messenger app to make sure that your account has been logged out from it.

Thank you for reading; we hope this article will be helpful for you.


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