How to Change iPhone’s Carrier When Travelling?

When you travel worldwide, your iPhone may connect to any of the local carriers. Your home carrier is more likely to have a preferred one that might not have the best or fastest service; in this article, we will show you how you can force it to use something different.

Why Would Someone Want To Force Their iPhone To Use a Particular Carrier?

Here I would like to elucidate this generally asked question with a small instance. If my home carrier in USA is Verizon, and when I’m in France, my phone tries to use SFR, which is quite okay usually. But the problem is, in my apartment building, SFR has an inferior signal than the Orange. It’s not that SFR cannot be used (the iPhone would automatically switch if it had been)—it’s just that this signal is not the perfect one.

When you travel, there are chances that you may encounter the same issue. However, the network experts believe your carrier’s chosen partner isn’t always going to be the finest available network. So, read this article ahead and know how you can make your iPhone use the carrier you want.

How to Force Your iPhone To Use A Specific Carrier?

  1. Open the Setting on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Carrier.
  3. Here you’ll need to turn off the Automatic setting.
  4. Doing so will bring a list of available carriers on the screen. You then need to select the carrier you want to use.

Note: When you are not sure which carrier you should choose, you will always have an option to select each one in and try out a test of connection speed in the location you are about to spend your most time.

Thanks for reading this blog; I hope the above-provided information is going to be helpful to you.

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