How to Download iOS 12 on iPhone?

iOS 12 will be the 12th major release of the iOS mobile operating system. It was announced at company’s Worldwide Developers Conference on June 4. It contains numerous performance, security, and battery saving updates. The release date will be 17 September 2018. After all that iOS12 will offer in June, Apple will release the final version of the new software. iOS 12 officially launches on September 17, at that point compatible devices will be notified of the available update. The latest update will include features such as Siri shortcuts, Memoji, better notifications. If you can’t wait to play with these new features, You can install it now following some ways.

  • If your iPhone or iPad support iOS 12?
  • If your device is able to run iOS 12 and will run iOS12.

How can we download iOS12

  • You technically will be downloading the beta version of iOS12 that Apple has released earlier in this summer. At this point, just a few days before the final release- beta version is actually the “Gold Master build.” This software will be releasing on the 17th of September.
  • To sign up for public beta, you need to visit on the iOS device and log in with your iCloud account.
  • Select the iOS tab and follow instructions. You will need to install a provisioning profile, restart your machine, go to Settings>General>Software update to complete the process.

Back up your device first

Before installing the iOS 12, do yourself a favor and create a backup. Don’t rely on the iCloud but use iTunes on the computer. Using iCloud could result in iOS12 overriding the iOS11 backup, and it will not be helpful in case things go wrong. When your iOS device is connected to iTunes, select the “Backup to this computer and checkbox to create an encrypted backup.”

Just set a password and iTunes will do the further things.

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