Four Reasons Why you Must Install Security Software Updates

You are playing a game on your laptop and are at a crucial stage, and the security program crops up to notify you that you have to update it. In such cases, what action do you usually take?

Merely getting a security solution for your computer does not keep your device protected. You have to take extra measures for the security suite to work optimally. While it may not appear essential to update the suite each time a pop up appears, it is very important for security. If you wish to ward off infections and threats, then you need to tighten up your reigns and pay more attention to updates. At times users delay or discard updates because they are worried about their internet data. However, this internet data pinching may cause you to lose the data stored on your computer.

Here are four reasons why installing security software updates is important:

Updated Virus Signatures

The information regarding all known malicious software and codes is put together in a register. Security suites keep on updating the list of all known threats on a regular basis. Since new threats keep on getting identified every day, it is crucial that your antivirus program is updated daily. If you do not update your security program, then it will not be able to identify and block the newly detected threats.

Maintaining Scan Engine

The malware database gets uploaded to the software’s scan engine. This scan engine delivers the important role of examining the device. In the event of threat detection, the scan engine removes, quarantines, and then blocks the threat or infection. Even though updates for the scan engine are not rolled out as often as those of virus database, it still needs to be updated every once in a while. An outdated scan engine will not have any idea about how to look for and block new malware.

Fortify web browser protection

A number of cyber attacks these days are launched using the vulnerabilities present in web browsers. Most of the times, users do not know how to surf the web safely and end up downloading malware on their systems. Moreover, identify thieves can trick users into providing their private information by filling forms, etc. Most security programs offer browser protection. They have a database of malicious websites and warn the users when they try to access them. Therefore, update your security suite so that your web browser protection is up to date.

Fight off software vulnerabilities

To protect the device against software vulnerabilities, updates are offered. These updates focus on fixing security holes and technical glitches identified in the operating system or security suite. Cyber-criminals make use of such vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access. Therefore, to prevent yourself from becoming a victim to such attacks, always install updates as and when you are prompted.

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, instead of procrastinating, update your security software regularly.

James Thomas is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber-security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at

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