How to Edit Music in iMovie on iOS

iMovie is a fantastic application for editing videos. But did you know that you can edit music in iMovie as well? This application is not only advanced, but it is also available for free. Here is how you can edit audio files on your iOS devices such as iPhone and iPads using iMovie:

Importing the Media File

  1. Go to Apple App Store and install iMovie app.
  2. From the home screen, locate the iMovie app.
  3. Tap on iMovie to launch it.
  4. Open the Projects tab and tap on the + icon to create a new project.
  5. You may also pick any old project,
  6. In order to make a new project, go to the Movie tab.
  7. In the New Project screen, hit the Create Movie option.
  8. Press the plus sign located in the top right edge.
  9. From the list, select Audio.
  10. Now, you can pick any category such as Sound Effects, Theme Music, Playlists, etc.
  11. Select the audio file from the list.
  12. After that, just press the Use button present next to the music file.
  13. Now the music file will get added to the project.

Modifying the Volume

  1. Go to the timeline located at the lower side of the screen.
  2. Select ant music file from the timeline.
  3. Now, press the speaker icon to change the volume.
  4. Drag the circle to the right to boost the volume and to the left to decrease it.

Changing the Audio Speed

  1. Select any music file from the timeline.
  2. Hit the second option present in the lower tray.
  3. To increase the speed, move the bar towards the hare icon. To decrease the rate, move the bar towards the turtle icon.

Splitting a Music File

  1. Select the music file you wish to cut.
  2. Now, just slide the timeline horizontally, in either direction.
  3. Select the Split option present in the tray.
  4. The selected portion will get split.

Exporting audio files

  1. Hit the Done button located at the top left-hand edge of the screen after the editing is complete.
  2. Now, from the lower tray, hit the Share button. Its icon is a square with an upward facing arrow.
  3. Now, select Save Video from the list of options.
  4. In the choose an export size screen, select from Medium, Large, and HD.

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