Cool Tips and Tricks to Step Up Your Instagram Game

Instagram is a platform where all of the cool kids hang out for showing pictures of their breakfast and cute pets. It has rapidly become one of the most popular social networks on the Internet. Initially, when it came to showing off the photos, the go-to platform was Flickr. But now with the downfall of Yahoo, Instagram stepped in to fill up the big empty space. So most people nowadays are interested in knowing about Instagram tips. It is very important to satisfy their demand.

Quality Over Quantity

General consensus counts that ideal frequency of posting is once or twice a day. Doing it more than that is going to make everyone overwhelm. Try to focus on quality over the quantity. Just be sure that the image you are about to post is the best you can make them. Do not post any old stuff for the sake of posting. Make each of the pic memorable. Try not to take pictures of your breakfast, rather take something that many other people are not doing.

Make an Effort With the Bio and Page

Your page of Instagram is obviously what the visitors will see and it’s obvious that you must make an effort with it. Have a half decent photo of yourself as an avatar. There is an irony that on a photography social network, pictures of some people are just awful. The one and only clickable link is the bio. Make sure to link your website and the other important site. Make your bio page SEO-optimized. Always think how will people find you while choosing a username and what name will be appearing on the bio. Try to consider changing the font on your Instagram bio to something more unusual. You can use Font space to do the same on the desktop.

Find your friends

A social network will not be called sociable if you don’t have friends there. Make sure that you are following the people you know. In the settings, you can link to your Facebook account and your email contacts. Instagram will then run everyone through their system only and will let you know who is having an Instagram account. It also will monitor your Facebook account, contacts and will let you know when someone has opened a new Instagram account.

Post Images in Various Formats and Designs

For a very long time, IG allowed you to post the images in the shape of a square. With the announcement by Instagram that now they support other sizes, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. You can also make image carousels where you can swipe between the photos. It is good if you have a group of photos captured at an event and you want to keep them together.

Tag Relevant People

Just like Facebook, you can tag images with Instagram usernames. If you tag a picture of your friend with her Instagram username, this will help in increasing her visibility if anyone is looking for her on Instagram. On the last screen, before you post an image, there will be an option to tag a user. Click on the option, click on the image and start typing their username. They will get a notification that they are tagged.

Like Images of Other People

Actually wise hands on Instagram follow the rule of 80/20. Give 80% time and take something the other 20%. Don’t think much about what you can get out of Instagram most time. Put more emphasis on giving quality images and entertaining people. What you personally get from platform should be secondary and a bonus. Add thoughtful comments and start a conversation. 

Now the Filters are not as popular as they used to be

With the advent of Instagram, everybody has been putting their images through the filters only. Maybe they were thinking that it made the pictures artistic but in reality, most of them looked fake and tacky. If you take a picture rightly, you will not really need to use any filter. Try to post the picture as it was taken, that way it will look more genuine.

James Thomas is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber-security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for McAfee security products at .

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