How to Download Content from Netflix

Netflix is an excellent app from where you will get a wide range of movies, TV shows and many other video content in HD and ultra HD quality. Apart from this, you can download movies and TV shows from Netflix for offline viewing. You can use this app in your Android device, iOS or in your computer. It is an American media server provider, which provides users with video on demand streaming service and allows its subscribers to stream television series and movies which is updated regularly.

Netflix requires a subscription for its use. The subscription pack is monthly type; it means you have to pay subscription charges every month for continuous use. Subscription fees depends on the type of subscription you choose, and it also depends on your country. In most regions, it provides a one-month free subscription for new users. Netflix offers you standard and high-quality level for download. Standard require less space in your device and download quickly, whereas high quality takes a bit more space and time.

How to download movie and TV shows on Netflix?

You can directly install the updated Netflix app through any store. After completion of the download, you have to complete sign up process in your device.

  1.    Now open the Netflix app.
  2.    Go to the menu.
  3.    Select Available for download.
  4.    After that, select the movie or video content that you want to download.
  5.    Tap on the download button of your selected film or video content.

The files which you have downloaded will show up in the My Downloads section in Menu Bar. To play the video just click or tap on it.

How to delete a downloaded movie and TV show from Netflix?

Sometimes it is necessary to remove some content from your device for freeing up space for the new movie. So when you are done with a show or movie, you can just delete it by following steps.

  1.    Open the Netflix app.
  2.    Go to the menu.
  3.    Head over to My download.
  4.    Select the title which you want to delete.
  5.    Tap Edit.
  6.    Tap the delete button of the selected video.
  7. The content will be deleted.

Netflix has changed the way of our television viewing, rather than watching any show regularly you can binge watch the complete season in one night. Also, it is very simple to use.

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