How to Turn iPad Into Digital Picture Frame

Apple has rolled out a Picture Frame feature for its iPad devices making the iPad a digital picture frame. Since iPad has a quality of screen resolution and pixels, it is a perfect device for the feature to be enabled on. While the feature is active on iPad, it will display the pictures from the album and allows the user to select those pictures which they want to show on Picture Frame. If you don’t know to turn your iPad into a digital picture frame, then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to turn iPad into a digital picture frame

Activate Picture Frame on iPad

Generally, the Picture Frame is turned on by default, but there is no harm in making sure if it is active or not.

1. Launch the Settings app of your iPad.
2. Tap the General option.
3. Now, navigate to Pass-code Lock and tap on it.
4. Tap to Turn On the Picture Frame if it is deactivated.
5. One you choose to turn it on, a flower icon will appear at the bottom when the iPad is locked. Tap the icon and open the slideshow without even unlocking your iPad.

Setting up Picture Frame

The feature Picture Frame let the user taking control over the content like photos. It allows the user to decide which photos to show and for how long the images should display. Let’s see how to do it.

1. Open the Settings app in iPad.
2. Tap Picture Frame
3. In the Transition section, modify the time from Show Each Photo For.
4. Tap to open its menu and select the time for you want to display the photos.
5. The next option, Zoom in on Faces will perform a slight zoom in effect on the photos.
6. Tap the toggle button to turn it on or off.
7. Shuffle option will display the photographs randomly rather than showing them in sequence. You can enable it to open photos in an irregular sequence.
8. Now, you can choose either All Photos option or you can specify the photos.
9. Go to back to the home screen.

Turning on iPad into Picture Frame

1. Turn off the screen of your iPad by pressing the power button for a second.
2. Now, press the same button to turn on the screen again.
3. Look for a Flower icon at the bottom of the screen. It is located just right next to the slide button.
4. All you have to do is, tap on the flower button and Picture Frame will begin.

The pictures will begin to appear according to the modification you did in the Picture Frame settings on your iPad. Remember, the best way to make the feature more useful to make your iPad wonderful to add the pictures of landscapes, paintings, pets, and your loved ones.

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