How to Enroll and Re-enroll for iPhone Upgrade Program

The iPhone Upgrade program can be a convenient way to get the latest iPhone each year. If you are a fan of Apple and want the best new iPhone every year, here is one word for you: upgrade. With this, you can find yourself with a brand new iPhone every year.

Apple has a perfect offering called the iPhone upgrade program which gets you the latest iPhone annually. As a member of iPhone upgrades program, you can get a new iPhone once you’ve made the equivalent of at least 12 payments, as well as you’ll get your choice of Apple-care+ coverage too.

You can exchange your current iPhone for a new one online or else in-person. Where you choose to re-enroll online, Apple will send you an exchange Kit for your existing iPhone device so you can send it to them, and you receive your new iPhone.

Do the following things before trading in your iPhone under the iPhone upgrade program.

Get Pre-approval for your new loan.

To speed up the process, Apple has employed a pre-approval feature that already starts and available for returning upgraders and newly enrolling customers.

Registering to purchase an iPhone that is already on Sale

For enroll or re-enroll to buy an iPhone that is available now.

How to Enroll from Website:

  1. Go to Apple’s website.
  2. Visit ‘Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Page.’
  3. Click on ‘Join Now’ or ‘Check your upgrade eligibility’ to get started.

How to Enroll from the Apple Store app:

  1. Open ‘Apple Store’ app.
  2. Choose the iPhone model you want to buy on the iPhone Upgrade program.
  3. Select whether to ‘Replace’ your current iPhone or to ‘Buy a new iPhone’ on existing carrier account.
  4. Pick your ‘Carrier.’
  5. Select your ‘Finish.’
  6. Choose your ‘Capacity.’
  7. Choose ‘Apple iPhone upgrade program’ when asked how you would like to pay.
  8. If you are new to the program, then select ‘I’d like to enroll’ or if you are already enrolled in the Upgrade Program then choose to ‘I’m already part of the program.’
  9. Follow the instructions to complete your loan approval process to enroll or re-enroll in the Upgrade Program.

How to enroll for purchase an iPhone that is in pre-order

  1. Open ‘Apple Store’ app.
  2. Tap ‘View pricing’ or ‘Preorder.’
  3. Tap ‘Get started’ below Get ready for pre-order now with the iPhone Upgrade Program.
  4. If you are enrolling the first time, then tap on ‘Get ready for Pre-order now’ or if you’re already enrolled in the iPhone Upgrade Program then tap on ‘Get a head start on your upgrade’ and follow the instructions to check your eligibility.
  5. Choose the ‘iPhone model’ you want to preorder.
  6. Tap on ‘Get started.’
  7. Pick your ‘Carrier’ and select your ‘Finish.’
  8. Choose your ‘Capacity.’
  9. Select ‘Apple-care+’ coverage between standard Apple-care+ or Apple-care+ with Theft and Loss.
  10. Tap ‘Confirm iPhone Preference.’
  11. Tap ‘Continue.’
  12. Confirm your ‘Carrier.’
  13. Tap ‘Continue.’
  14. Again tap ‘Continue.’
  15. Fill up the ‘Personal information’ like Social Security Number, Billing and shipping address, payment method, date of birth, and total annual income, to get loan approval for the iPhone Upgrade program.
  16. Tap ‘Continue’ to finish pre-approval.

Your Pre-approval will last three days after pre-order begins and expire when pre-order end.

Before your current iPhone leaves your hands, back up your data and erase all personal data from it.

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