How to Shutdown Windows 10 Computers Automatically

Microsoft has introduced more added functionalities in Windows 10, as compared to the previous Windows versions. This time Windows 10 is giving the opportunity to shut down the computer system automatically. Isn’t it amazing that you can leave an important file to download for a whole night and don’t have to wake up only to shut the computer?

The most amazing fact about the ability is that you don’t need to download any special software from the internet. The Windows is offering its inbuilt tools to shut down the computer automatically. So let’s see the methods to turn off the system automatically. But don’t forget to save the files and documents while choosing the time slot as the auto shut down will result in losing the unsaved data.

Here’s how to automatically shut down Windows 10 computer

Shutting Down Computer Using Run Program

  1. Press Windows Key + R key combination.
  2. When the Run program will open, change the directory to C Drive – Windows – system32
  3. Now, type shutdown –s –t 600 and the Enter button.
  4. Here, the number 600 is referring to 10 minutes, which means that the computer will shut down after 10 minutes. So don’t forget to keep saving the critical data in your computer, or else you will lose it.

Shutting Down Computer Using Command Prompt

  1. Press Windows key + S key sequences.
  2. Type command prompt in the Windows Search.
  3. Right click on cmd
  4. Select Run as administrator.
  5. Type cd command and press enter to find system 32 directory.
  6. Type the shutdown –s –t 600 command.
  7. Now press the Enter button.
  8. The command line will instruct the operating system to shut down the computer after 600 seconds.

Shutting Down Computer Using Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler is another inbuilt tool that Windows 10 provides to its users. It helps in executing the scripts and functions for a specified time period. It is another method to shut down Windows 10 computer automatically.

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Now, type Task Scheduler.
  3. Click on the Create Basic Task option.
  4. It will create a new task.
  5. Now click the Next button.
  6. Enter the Name and Description for the task you are creating. If you are shutting the computer, then type Shut Down in the name section.
  7. Click the Trigger tab and select when you want to computer execute the task automatically.
  8. Now give the time and date for the execution.
  9. Click the Action tab below Trigger and check the Start a program box.
  10. Click the Browse button and open the C: drive.
  11. Now, go to the Windows folder and click Shutdown from System32.
  12. In the Add arguments section, type –s –t 600 and click Next.
  13. The Task Scheduler will show the task information.
  14. If you are find everything according to you, then click Finish.

The methods are simple and straightforward to shut down the windows 10 system automatically. All it requires is a –s –t 600 command to instruct the operating system to execute the command according to you. But remember that it is not necessary to type 600 seconds, as it could be any number seconds like 1200 seconds which means 20 minutes. Still, if you find the command is quite a time taking process for you, then there are various third-party application tools available online to shut down your computer automatically.

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