How to Become a Master in Playing Candy Crush Saga?

You may consider yourself a pro in Candy Crush, but you will still need a helping hand while connecting with friends. There is a new level added to the series of Candy Crush Saga named as Candy Crush Friends Saga. The game is available for Android and iOS.

Facebook integration allows you to save your progress across various devices. You may promptly start your game on iPad and then continue playing the next level on your iPhone X.

The candy swiping stays the same in the game, but a new game brings up new and updated designs. Some new play modes and merges series characters into the game. The application has changed enough that you may need some help to get proficient in the game.

 Look for the patterns and start at the bottom

You can make some special candies without any such effort. Repeating and identifying them will permit you to swipe to the next level in no time. You need to remember what are those patterns that lead to special candy and set whenever required. We generally look for matches that are just available in front of us that doesn’t really make much difference to rest of the candies.

Try to start at the bottom because that will ensure that your matches have a noticeable impact on the game. This is a better practice than matching candies at the top. Starting at the bottom will bring up some prominent elements closer to the base such as cookies. You may notice that when you have selective moves, then you make most matches closer to the top.

Remove the blockers first

You may encounter many obstacles in the game, and it is essential to remove them. Assess the threats and make it a priority to get rid of any evil candy. Try to make a rule of killing low number of bombs at first, then look for the chocolates and finally go after blocks.

Never miss combinations if you come across them.

Best combinations are striped candies and the wrapped candies, sprinkle donut hole and striped candy. When met, they can clear out almost half of the way for you. You will quickly get access to places that are otherwise difficult to get to. You may get to levels such as 250 that have unreachable squares. If you mix up a wrapped candy with another wrapped candy, then will wipe out a vast area.

Understand the value of your character

Series of Candy Crush Saga is filled with colorful characters. In the friends’ saga, they will take more active roles in your long searches. You will meet Mr. Yeti, Tiffi, Oduas and some other character when you take on a different level. They are enshrined with some special abilities that will change how you play. It is worthwhile to understand the importance of each character. For instance, Nutcracker has the ability to break the blockers apart when you match blue candies.

 Remember your special candies

Everyone who has ever played Candy crush knows about specific candies that can be created through matching. You should remember how can such candies be produced and what can be done in the heat of the moment. Match four similar candies in the row to create a striped candy in the same direction you have made your last move in. Matching candies can make a Wrapped candy in L or T form.

To create a Jellyfish, match four similar candies in the square. To make a color bomb, adjoin five similar candies in a row. These special candies altogether can be much more powerful than the usual combinations. Setting special candy in the way of another does massive damage but matching them will make things like crazy. It is quite easy to match on the special; candies because only two candies are needed, and color doesn’t make any difference.

If you are matching fish along with a striped candy, then you will get a fish that will set off the effect of striped candy. Matching striped candy with wrapped one will let the stripe effect to hit many rows at once. There are several effective combinations you will get to know about when you start playing it once.

Cheat time for some extra lives

Even if you do not use Facebook, there are chances that you may get more lives. You fix the clock on your gadget ahead two hours. And keep playing.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Open General.
  3. Go to Date and Time.
  4. Set the Time Off.
  5. Set the Date.
  6. Add two hours forward to get four more lives.

Don’t forget to change from PM to AM if it is required.

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