Microsoft started selling Amazon Echo devices

Microsoft has now begun selling Amazon’s Echo devices in many of its retail stores. Twitter user WalkingCat has spotted that Microsoft is now selling the most recent Echo Dot and second generation Echo. Both of these devices can be accessed online and are available in Microsoft Stores in the US. The progress follows Microsoft building a partnership with Amazon to integrate Cortana and Alexa and foretasting this feature previously this year.

Microsoft has been more and more focusing on its Alexa integration and Amazon partnership, everything while Cortana has fallen behind its major rivals this year. Amazon Alexa is now being supported by Xbox One, and Amazon has even developed its own Alexa Windows 10 app in order to bring the digital assistant to all computers.

Cortana now appears to be in an odd spot at Microsoft, in the midst of the software maker increasingly approaching it towards additional business-focused areas like chat bots rather than its original consumer-focused launch.

Cortana started out on Windows Phone

Cortana, on Windows Phone, was initially launched, more than four years ago, earlier than it found a fresh home as part of the core search functionality in the Windows 10.

However, Microsoft has been experimenting with the further distancing Cortana from your Windows 10 search experience, and also the 19H1 update due early next year will add up some of the changes. As redesigned Cortana has been launched on iOS recently, it’s still not been clarified what Microsoft is preparing for the future of digital assistant.

MS Outlook for iPhone boss started managing Cortana earlier this year, but he’s now decided to leave the company before the end of the year. In recent times, Microsoft just moved Cortana out of its AI research division and into its Devices team and Experiences; so hopefully, we are going to learn more about what the company has thought for Cortana very soon.

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