Methods to Fix YouTube Error ‘An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later’ on Window 10

YouTube is the most popular website to share videos as it is extremely accessible. It is a host for a lot of music videos, bloggers who make videos themselves, educational channels and many more.“An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later” YouTube error has become a common problem nowadays, it doesn’t matter which operating system or website browser you are using.


Many reasons are causing this issue. We are using YouTube for watching videos for many years, but some users have reported an error is showing while playing the video which says “An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later. This error will stop you from watching videos, and you will face this same problem every time you open YouTube.

 Go through the given method to fix an error on YouTube: 

  1. Use Forget About This Site option

Forget About This Site is a handy Mozilla Firefox feature that permits you to delete cookies, saved passwords and cache data for a specific website. Follow the steps given below:

  • Launch Firefox and go to the browsing History.

You can go to the browsing History by clicking Ctrl+H on your keyboard.

  • After that search for your browsing history and search for any YouTube link.
  • Select Forget About This Site option and right click on it.
  • Start Firefox again and try to play any YouTube video you like.

This is an easy trick that helps you to solve this error occurred, please try later error again, so go through this step.

  1. Turn off Shockwave Flash

In some cases Shockwave Flash can help you to solve this problem An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later which comes when you watch YouTube videos, to ensure that it is turned off. To turn off Shockwave Flash in Mozilla Firefox, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Firefox and in address bar enter the following:
  • About:addons
  • Open Plug-in section and search for the Shockwave Flash.

On the drop-down menu list select Never Activate option.

In case you don’t want to use Firefox, ensure that you turn off Shockwave Flash on that browser you are recently using. For all the new browsers, the method of turning off Shockwave Flash is as same as the above method.

  1. Remove cookies and cache and modernise your plug-in

To solve this problem An Error Occurred, Please Try Again Later error, you have to delete all the cookies and cache. Follow the given steps to do this:

  • Press the menu key on the right side of the screen and after that select Library.
  • Tap on History.
  • Press on Clear recent history.
  • Select what type of file you like to delete.

In some cases, you have to choose cache and cookies, but you can select other types of the file if you want. Choose the desired time range and press on Clear now key.

  • After deleting the cookies and cache, start Firefox again.
  1. Turn off hardware increasing speed in your recent browser and try to change the video declaration

Some of the users complain that hardware increasing speed can be the reason of YouTube issue, so go through these steps to turn off it in Firefox. In case you want to use another browser, you should know that you can turn off hardware increasing speed in the same way in any another browser.

  • Open Firefox and go to the options menu.
  • After options page opens, swipe down to the Performance section.
  • Unselect both Use recommended performance setting and Use hardware acceleration when it is available.
  • Try to play any YouTube video after restarting

Hardware increasing speed can raise many issues, but after turning it off, this problem with YouTube gets solved.

James Thomas is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technical industry since 2002. As a technical expert, James has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as


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