Best VR Game Apps for iPhone and Android

Now in this advancement of technology, virtual reality and augmented reality has become very popular. You don’t need to purchase highly advanced gadgets for getting the feel the virtual reality. If you are an owner of an Android or iOS phone, then you can select a VR (Virtual Reality) game immediately. But for this, you need to own a smart headset which is supported by your smartphone for playing the VR games available in the market.


Here are some of the VR games for Android and iPhone that will definitely please you, Let’s get started:

  1. GermBuster

It is one of the leading VR games due to its lucid gameplay, fantastic fun factor, spectacular graphics. This particular game is played like a first-person arcade shooting game where gamers utilize a bubble gun to reduce several threatening germs. Gamers can explore one of the different stages for fighting against a germ troop with the help of input controls based on body motion. Its graphics are stunning with a backdrop which appears like as a PS2 game, providing an extra edge to the display. This game claims that it is one of the only VR titles wherein VR accessories are not required. Instead, you can play it with a portion of cardboard.

  1. VR Roller Coaster

This game enabled players to enjoy the thrill of roller coasters in the convenience of your living place. VR Roller Coaster impresses and satisfies gamers visually as they feel the sharp turns and other roller coaster movements. This doesn’t provide you with a jolly joyride only but also offers unbelievable visual graphics, animations, effects. The VR headsets support it.

  1. Zombie Shooter VR

Games can’t be complete without the touch of the zombie genre, and for this, you have to play Zombie Shooter VR. Gamers can jump into the apocalyptic planet that is surrounded by a number of zombies in a dark scenario which will cry on you when you release weaponry upon them. It operates controls like look-to-shoot style which transform this game as user-convenient. Gamers usually begin this game by selecting their preferable weaponry tool and are launched into a dark tunnel passage where a troop of zombie waits for them. This VR game provides an overarching exploration and is supported by the majority of VR glasses available in the market.

  1. VR Street Jump

This title has many similarities to the legendary game Frogger, but it keeps the gamer in the first person perspective as unlucky one who must pass many jam-packed and busy roads. It is a kind of addictive game that helps character building. It supports many devices like Merge VR, Google Cardboard with controls for moving ahead by pressing the side option placed on your headset. If you wish to pass the road with success at one go, you will require to see on both sides- left and right to see any traffic such as cars, trucks etc. You can participate with others for competition and look at the scores that highlight who achieved the best reaction with awareness of that situation. There is something scary which may frighten the gamer.

  1. Sisters

If you desire to enjoy with horror and VR all together, then Sisters is the perfect app for you. It is a story-based game with many enigmas and with the marvellous haunting scene. It offers gamers an all-dimensional display of 64-bit graphics visuals with instructional audio. There are unsophisticated look based controls which are quick to select and employ head tracking which augments your sensation that makes you feel like you are really there in a haunted place.

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