Build a Home Based Karaoke Party With Stereo System

Karaoke party right in your home! It is very entertaining to enjoy the festive spirit of Christmas and New Year’s Eve with friends and family while at a party. Whenever we imagine a party, it firstly brings a thought of dance on the floor with rocking music.


You can welcome the guests in this festive season by hosting the karaoke party powerhouse at your home with full of musical entertainment. Here are some important ways to keep in mind to build a karaoke party:

  1. Karaoke Player

There are many karaoke machines in the market, you can choose the model that has factory-installed song libraries, various microphone inputs, Bluetooth wireless connectivity, song expansion through USB/mobile devices, auxiliary inputs, AV outputs, dedicated display for lyrics, built-in speakers, separate volume controls, internal batteries, colorful light show projections, and compatibility with many digital audio formats including microphones.

These karaoke players are the plug-and-play type. If you don’t have a built-in display for lyrics, then you can directly connect it to a TV or through your home stereo receiver. Mostly, karaoke machines support the CD+G format that can show the graphics (song lyrics) along with the audio. You can search a number of these types of music CDs which cover the top songs.

  1. Karaoke App

Karaoke app can offer much value instead of hardware investment. The cost of a basic subscription is usually less than that of single CD+G, and it can be cancelled at any time. The benefit of a subscription is that you can instantaneously gain cloud access to the plethora of songs along with an easy user interface. And it also saves you from shuffling through music CD+Gs or external media storage. Many of the subscription services wirelessly stream the music to TV by using Google Chrome-cast, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple Airplay. Some services also support offline sync, audio controls, Bluetooth wireless in addition to standard AV input/output, microphone, speaker connections.

  1. Microphones for singing in party

It is not essential to buy a studio-grade microphone for karaoke party unless you schedule to throw this kind of party periodically. Wired microphones are set-up easily. You can also use wireless microphones, but it can be costly and time-consuming to set it up properly. Always keep minimum two microphones because duets give more fun than solo performances.

  1. Speakers and Amplifiers

It’s not going to be fun if there isn’t a decent and soothing sound system in place. You can use any speaker that you have including portable wireless or stereo pair. While some speakers link directly to a karaoke machine or karaoke subscription service, utilize the power of your home stereo receiver to amplify the audio via adjustment of its volume equalizer controls.

  1. Karaoke Sound Mixer

A karaoke sound mixer joins several inputs sources. Some models of sound mixers provide independent volume levels and some permit tuning for tone, balance, echo, and bands. These devices give AV output so that both music and video (for showing lyrics) content passes to the respective equipment. These sound mixers function with PCs, smartphones as well as with karaoke players and receivers.

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