New Tips to Fix the PUBG Stuck on Loading Screen Issue

Many players face PUBG stuck on loading screen issue. There may be various reasons for this problem. Possibly the problem is because of your device software and processor or maybe your internet connection.

Source:- Tips to Fix the PUBG Stuck on Loading

Here are some new tips to solve the PUBG stuck on loading screen issue:

Things you can do to fix the PUBG loading screen stuck problem

•    Check and set CPU clock Speed.

•    Reconfigure your Internet.

•    Temporarily disable the Antivirus of the device.

•    Adjust Windows Firewall Settings.

•    Disable BEServices of Task Manager.

•    Update Drivers.

Check and Set CPU Clock Speed

In case your CPU is overclocking, then this may be the reason for PUBG loading screen having difficulties. Because the meaning of the vverclocking is that the CPU and Memory are running above the higher speed than the default speed grade. Check your CPU clock speed, if it is higher than the default, then set it back to the default. This will help in fix the issue of stuck loading or crashing of the game.

Reconfigure your Internet

Bad or slow internet connection will also affect your game from running correctly. Sometimes the issue of PUBG loading screen stuck will also be caused by a bad internet connection. Thus you can reconfigure your internet to fix this problem.

1.    Search ‘cmd’ through the start menu search box.

2.    Right-click on the ‘Command Prompt or cmd’ from the top of the search result.

3.    And click on the ‘Run as administrator’.

4.    Type the given command one by one and hit ‘Enter’ every time after entering a single command.

•    Ipconfig/release

•    Ipconfig/all

•    Ipconfig/flush

•    Ipconfig/renew

•    Netsh int ip set dns

•    Netsh winsock reset

5.    Once all commands are done, close the ‘Command’ prompt.

6.    And restart your computer.

Now, start PUBG again. Still, problem found use next tricks.

Temporarily disable the Antivirus of the device

It looks unusual, but it works actually, don’t forget that disabling antivirus may cause risk to your computer. So, remember to re-enable it after checking.

1.    Close ‘PUBG’.

2.    And disable the antivirus program of your computer.

3.    Now restart the game.

If the game loads appropriately, then add your PUBG game to the exception section of the Antivirus program. You can also contact the antivirus developer and consult for a solution.

Adjust Windows Firewall Settings

You can try both inbound and outbound rules of Windows Firewall to fix the loading screen issue.

  1. First, you need to find PUBG local file directory link,
  2. Launch ‘Steam’ on your PC.
  3. Open ‘Library’.
  4. Right-click on ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’ and go to Properties.
  5. Switch to ‘LOCAL FILES’ tab.
  6. And then click on ‘BROWSE LOCAL FILES..’.
  7. Now, copy the ‘Directory link’.

By making a new Inbound rule

1.    Navigate to your computer’s ‘Control Panel’.

2.    Go to ‘System and Security’.

3.    Go to ‘Windows Firewall or Windows Defender Firewall’.

4.    Click on ‘Advanced settings’ from the left pane.

5.    Click on ‘Inbound Rules’ from the left pane.

6.    Click on ‘New Rule’ from the right side of the screen.

7.    Check the ‘Program’, if it is not.

8.    And then click ‘Next’.

9.    Check ‘This program path:’.

10.    And paste or browse ‘PUBG file directory link’ into the field.

11.    Click ‘Next’.

12.    Click ‘Allow the connection’ if it is not.

13.    Click ‘Next’.

14.    Type ‘PUBG’ into the name.

15.    And click ‘Finish’.

Disable BEServices of Task Manager

Stopping and restarting background services for the game may solve your problem.

1.    Launch ‘Steam’ on your PC.

2.    And open ‘PUBG’.

3.    Launch ‘Run’ box.

4.    And open task manager from it.

5.    Open ‘Processes’ tab.

6.    Find and select ‘BEServices’.

7.    And click ‘End task’. This will automatically close the game PUBG. If it will not then close it manually, and restart your computer. After restarting rerun the game hopes the issue will go. You can also update the drives to solve PUBG stuck on loading screen problem.

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