Spider-Man PS4: New Fantastic Four Costumes For The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Sony is on a streak for introducing new and latest in-game content for its Spider-Man PS4 game, and this time it has included new Fantastic Four related content.

Marvel fans are up for a treat as their friendly neighborhood Spidey will now be featured in two new costumes to play within the game.

Source:- Spider-Man-PS4

As in the previous DLC content, Black cat and Hammerhead were included in the game, with the return of the Silver Sable fans were also teased that something “Fantastic” is on its way to be included in the Spider-verse.
Finally with the introduction of these two new costumes players speculations have come to a rest, as the two costumes introduced are associated with the famous Fantastic Four series.

The Marvel comics directly inspires the two new upcoming suits. The first costume is the Bombastic Bag-Man which was first featured in the Amazing Spider-Man #258 issue.

This skin featured in the comics when the Fantastic Four family rescued Spidey from the carnage. As Dr. Richard provided Peter Parker with this suit as a kind gesture.

What is much talked about in the community is the inclusion of the paper bag mask in the Bombastic Bag-Man costume as it makes peter parker much more appealing than the retro cloth face mask.

The second costume is a direct nod to the Fantastic Four debut issue, which is a much more realistic and modern attire for players to experience.
This suit resembles a lot with the rest of the FF family and includes Parker in the rooster. The Future Foundation costume was provided to Peter when he took the place of Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four #587 issue.

This suit is unique in its means as it consists of unstable fiber molecules which provided Spider-Man to morph between any desired cloths.
This costume could be changed into street clothes or to the classic red and blue Spidey costume. It even provided a stealth mode suit which is entirely black and helps in hiding from enemies.

This new game content is expected to be included in the upcoming 1.14 patch, which is expected to be available very soon.

Still, a lot of discussions are floating amongst the community members and fans, as will this inclusion be the last to introduces different costumes in the game.

Although no such DLC is available for the Fantastic Four or there is no such dedicated game for the FF fans, still it is quite satisfying to observe that Insomniac has not forgotten the first Marvel family.

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