Pokemon Go: Community Day Challenge Brings 10 Sinnoh Stones for Trainers to Grab On!

Niantic has been introducing new events and raid battles for players to enjoy the Pokémon GO title, and the next Community Day challenge is just around the corner.

This upcoming Community Day event is loaded with tons of bonuses, rewards and increased spawns for trainers to utilize there weekend optimally. Furthermore, trainers have a high probability of catching a shiny monster for themselves.

Pokémon GO players will even have an opportunity to grab on to Sinnoh Stone during this community day event, which can be used to evolve newly introduced generation 4 Pokémon’s.

Currently  Sinnoh Stone is quite a valuable resource, and trainers are making a noticeable effort to collect as many as possible, as these stones can evolve all the newly added generation 4 pocket monsters. Moreover, players can use these stones to evolve any future gen 4 Pokémon that could be added to the game with later updates.

  Pokémon GO posted a tweet, announcing that trainers would get an opportunity to win five Sinnoh Stones by challenging team leaders and five additional Sinnoh Stone would be rewarded to those who participate in Trainer Battles.

An important point to keep in mind is that players can win up to 10 stones, but it is not assured that trainers would walk away with ten Sinnoh Stones, rather players will have to earn the stones by fighting out battles against team leaders and trainers.

 Niantic further posted a tweet for clarifying that, during the community day event trainers will receive a total of five stone, and the other five can be won by beating the trainers in battle.

This community day event is scheduled for the coming February 16th, and 17th and players can start searching for the stone as the event day begins. Seeing these players have a fantastic chance to store on the Sinnoh stone for evolving Pokémon’s. Pokémon GO is currently trending amongst fans, and a new pokemon is disclosed in every raid Battle events and challenges.

Players are currently hunting for shiny skin monsters as they provide a dynamic feel to the gameplay, and as the new Snapshot feature is introduced, players have plenty to explore alongside with their cute biddies and have a snap with them. This new AR feature is also making fans very excited and with the announcement of including 10 Sinnoh Stones to the game is making players eager for the event, Let’s see how this event rolls out and what more will this new Community event bring along for trainers to enjoy. 

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source:- https://notron-setup-install.com/blog/pokemon-go-community-day-challenge-brings-10-sinnoh-stones/

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