Pokémon GO: New Shiny Meltan Pokémon available to catch within a limited time

Niantic is continuously including new gen Pokémon and content for Pokémon trainers around the globe. With the inclusion of every new challenge event and Raid Battles, players get a chance to interact with a new Pokémon in-game.

Currently, players are excited to enjoy the ongoing Lunar New Year, by catching Shiny Spoink in the game. But to a pleasant surprise, Niantic has also included another Pokémon for players to grab on in the game.

Trainers can grab a Shiny Meltan for themselves. This new Pokémon has made an exclusive debut in the Pokémon GO and is a mythical Pokémon which has never been featured in the main game series.

Currently, players cannot spot the Meltan in the fields and instead require opening a Mystery Box in order to obtain a shiny Meltan. In order to avail the Mystery Box gamers are needed to link Pokémon GO with the Pokémon Let’s GO Pikachu and Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee from their Nintendo Switch.

This event is live until the March 4th and players are required to open a Mystery Box within this given time frame to grab on a shiny Meltan for themselves. With this new event for Meltan, Mystery Box waiting time for opening it has also been reduced.

Previously players required an entire week to unlock the Mystery Box, but for the ongoing Meltan event, Pokémon trainers can unlock the Box in three days. This reduction in time results in providing players with a chance of opening up double the amount of boxes in a span of a week.

 As Lunar New Year event is already undergoing in-game, it is not clear why Niantic has introduced this additional event. Still, fans and trainers are quite pleased as they have an opportunity to access two entirely new Pokémon with shiny skins.

Previously Pokémon GO faced a significant backlash from the community members for the Feebas Limited Time Research event as it didn’t provide players with sufficient time to grab on the said pocket monster.

It is possible that Pokémon GO may have introduced two events at the same time to compensate for the Feebas event and encourage trainers to get more involved with their pocket monsters.

Currently, players are quite enjoying the shiny Meltan event and the Lunar New Year celebrations are also entertaining players, but the only unclear aspect to this new event is how many times will a trainer open the box in order to receive the shiny Meltan. Hopefully, this new event would bring new in-game interactions for trainers as they require to simultaneously participate in two ongoing challenges, which would require a lot of dedication on the part of players.

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source:- https://officekeyactivate.com/pokemon-go-new-shiny-meltan-pokemon-available/

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