How to Manage Apple TV Apps to Avoid Home Screen Confusion

If you are one of, who knows how to launch apps from App Store. And who is great versed with accessing all sorts of video content? It is possible that one could be experiencing  Confusion of Home Screen.

What is Home Screen Confusion?

It takes place when users have installed several Apple TV apps. They need to be frantically scrolled down for searching the required app. When you know about the name of the app that should be used by you then merely ask Siri so that it can launch the app for you.

 Users can even delete, move and organize them into folders with the help of the remote. Don’t worry; you have come to the right place for finding out how is it done.

How to move the applications around?

Whenever you launch the apps to Apple TV, then they will be shown at the underside of the “home screen”. You will see them just below the previously downloaded app. At times you may search the apps that most people would like to use are there everywhere. Users would want to keep the app that has been used the most at the top.

Follow the below given steps to accomplish the process

  1. Take help of Apple Siri Remote control.
  2. Choose the application that you wish to eliminate.
  3. On the Siri Remote that is having a touch surface.
  4. Users need to press touch surface till app starts moving.
  5. If you have used remote that isn’t having any touch surface, choose an app and drop down chosen button till app starts to move.
  6. Users may even move chosen and vibrating app by swiping towards the right, left or downwards. On other remotes, take help of directional keys.
  7. Tap the touch cover or hit choose for releasing the application.
  8. Do the steps twice the steps for an individual application. Users will require to move the apps.

How to Delete the unrequired apps?

Apple TV space is restricted, to the users continually review the applications that have been installed. Below are given two ways to delete the apps:

In Settings– Head Over to Settings, Tap General, Click Manage Storage.

  • Users will be given a list of apps that are installed on Apple TV.
  • Users can erase unrequited apps by clicking the Trash icon. It will be located on the app’s right side.
  • Users can even see how much space is being occupied.

In the Home Screen– Choose and hold the application icon with the help of remote control. Once you got vibration, tap Play/Pause switch. Now select the Erase menu that is shown.

How to make and use the folders?

If you have a collection of video, games or some other apps on Apple TV, then users must need to keep them inside the folders for making them easily accessible. Building folders on “Apple TV” is very easy.

  1. Follow the above-given instructions for it.
  2. Once chosen, move the app that you have to drop to some other app and you will get a folder.
  3. Users can give the folder any name.
  4. Two of the apps will be tucked inside the folder.

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