How to Sync the GAL to iPhone

The Global Address List(GAL) is a full list of the entire users and their email ID inside the Microsoft Exchange Server which is used to send emails with the help of MS Outlook. This permits the admin and users to search friends, email ID and send them a text. In case the users go to the MS Outlook address menu and not able to view the name or email ID of that contact the users wish to, then the user has to select any other address menu through the Global Address List.

Add Contacts from the Global Address List(GAL)

•    Go to the “Microsoft Outlook” on the system. The user will get this option in the “Start” page located in the “All applications” column on the Windows or in the “Applications” file on the Mac operating system.

•    Press the “New Email” option. It is located at the left-hand column of Microsoft Outlook.

•    Tap the “To” button. It is located at the left-hand column of the new text.

•    Choose “All Users” option located in the “Global Address List” pull-down page.

•    Choose the entire users. The easiest method to choose the entire users is to click the modifier key when the user press the first contact given on the menu list, go down in the downward direction and after that, tap the last contact displaying on the menu list.

•    Right-click the “Bookmarked” section. The popup menu will appear on the desktop.

•    Press “Add to Contacts” button. By pressing on this button, it will sync the entire menu list to the specific contacts.

•    Dealing with duplicates. In case the Microsoft Outlook removes the duplicate contact which is appearing two times in the Global Address list, it will also display an original contact on the screen.

  • In case the users want to place the contacts detail through the Global Address List to the recent contact, press “Update” button.
  • In case the users want to keep the original details of the contact not including other

details through the Global Address List, then press “Skip” option.

  • In case the users wish to update the entire duplicate contacts with their information through the Global Address List, then tap “Update All” button.

Sync Microsoft Exchange Contacts for the iPhone

•    Go to the “iOS device” settings.

•    Go down and click the “Accounts and Passwords” option. It resembles a silvery symbol within a white color button.

•    Press the “Add Account” option. This button is in the below of “Accounts” title.

•    Click the “Exchange” button. The user will find this button in the section column of the given list.

•    Enter the “email ID” and other information and after that, click the “Next” button.

•    Login into the “Microsoft mail server” page.

•    Move the “Contacts” toggle to the enable button. In case the toggle is already in an olive color, then leave this step and move towards another step.

•    Press the “Save” button.  It is located at the right-hand column of the display.

•    Go down and press the “Fetch New Data” option. The user will get this option at the end of the display.

•    Click the “Exchange account.” The user will get this option in the entire list of the given accounts.

•    Choose the “Fetch” option.

•    Press the “Return” option.

•    Go down and choose a “Sync Schedule” option.

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